The tourism sector is one of the hardest hit by the corona virus epidemic. The tourism and hospitality industry in Scotland and around the world is facing unprecedented levels of uncertainty and a period of crisis

We have heard first-hand from some of our businesses from across Scotland of the difficult decisions you are having to take with regards to the operation of your businesses and organisations.  Our thoughts are with you all and we would very much like to help where we can.

Ginspired Scotland, as an umbrella organisation, pledges our support for all Scottish Gin and related tourism businesses in Scotland during the Corona Virus (Covid-19) crisis.  The team at Ginspired Scotland would like to do all we can to help during the difficult days, weeks and months ahead.

Our intention is to carry on promoting Ginspired Scotland on social media with a strong focus on sharing beautiful and inspirational images, Scottish scenery and Scottish Gin experiences for people to discover whilst they are spending more and more time at home. 

We will encourage our social media audience and potential visitors to plan ahead, look to the future beyond this crisis and book holidays and Scottish Gin experiences whether it is as a day out, a staycation or overseas trip.

We will grow our social media audience at this opportune moment when people will be spending more time on their computers and mobile devices.

We will create a dedicated blog page ‘Ginspirations‘ on whereby businesses can promote offers, links, images, vouchers or any information they would like us to share to our growing digital audience. We will link to your website so that people can purchase your product online.

These inspirational blog posts can then be linked to from our social media pages and your own social media pages so that we maintain the drum beat of promoting Ginspired Scotland and its visibility online during these very challenging times.

Recovery plans – focusing on the future

By committing to and working together during this difficult period for our sector, we can ready ourselves for a strong re-launch once the global and domestic travel restrictions are eased.

Until then, we need your digital content to inform the world that Ginspired Scotland is still here and will be ready and waiting with open arms for people to return when they can.

Please email us with your best photos, your most beautiful videos, your authentic experiences and stories.  Photos of your business with a description, any offers, discounts, and vouchers you’d like us to share with our potential visitors.  Any extra services you are providing during this terrible time.  We’d like to hear them all so we can build a bank of excellent reasons for people to visit when we reach the recovery phase of this crisis.

We would like to express our solidarity with you and we firmly believe that if we make a co-ordinated effort and collaborate by creating more online awareness during this, the strangest of times, we will be well positioned to make a really strong come-back when this stressful and uncertain time is over. 

Now more than ever, co-operation is key to all of our future successes and we stand ready to work closely with all of you to build a more resilient future for your business, and for Ginspired Scotland.