Each of the Thistle Glass icons on the map represents a gin producer. Yes, there really are this many!

Select one if you know the part of Scotland you plan to visit, OR Search by region, if you know it already

TopTip – if you know the name of a town or city but not the region, use it to search instead!
OR Search by Brand or Distillery Name if you have it.

TopTip – even just the first two letters will give you a head start!
OR Simply use the + and – functions to zoom in (lots more fun and a geography lesson built in!)

Once you’ve zoomed in you can see accommodation, food & drink, retail, places of interest and local experts too. We hope you’ll discover things you hadn’t even thought of!
Icons from Gincyclopedia
Click on any of the icons to see that business’s page, with more detail about what they do and how they can feature in your Scottish Holiday.

If you like what you see click ‘Add to Your Itinerary’, and they’ll be listed on the left hand of the map, in the order you clicked them. You can change the order by clicking and dragging too.

Clicking through some of the icons will allow you to book tours, tables, rooms and gin experiences directly with the businesses themselves. You’ll be dealing with them, no middle men, it’s very easy.

When you’ve built a list of experiences, accommodation, meals, things to see & do, to suit your plans, click on ‘View Itinerary’ and your route will show on the map. If it looks like Granny’s knitting, click and drag the locations into a more orderly sequence until your route looks realistic.

If you select ‘View Directions’, it’ll show you the mileage and travelling times for your route, so you can see if that works for you.

Remember Scotland is a small country but many of the roads are quite small and not like the fast highways you may be used to, so allow plenty of time. After all, you’re here to see Scotland, not a blur as you race through this beautiful country! You can do this as often as you like, in as many different combinations as you wish, at no cost! Share your suggestions with friends or travel companions and see if they can add to your ideas.