Actually Kermit, it’s not that hard being green!

Sustainable Scotland

Just by using this website to plan your holiday you’re already saving the planet!

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Cutting down on brochures and postage means trees are being saved, and if you already live in the UK or nearby European countries you can cut out those polluting long-haul flights too.  Win Win Gin Gin!!

The Pelarus, Orkey’s Tidal Energy System

Scotland has great ambitions to lead Europe’s green energy crusade and already has a long history of hydro energy generated by mountain top water sources pushing through a turbine as they descend at speed.  Cleverly, this hydro power is often generated at times of peak demand, and then the water is pumped back up again in the middle of the night when we’re all fast asleep.  And Scotland’s been doing this for over 75 years already! Clever engineers (see the word gin in there?  That might explain why they had such good ideas .….?)

We also have a comprehensive network of Electric Vehicle charging points.  You can see the map showing them all here.  

As well as a growing number of Car Hire companies with EVs available.



If you venture up to Orkney you’ll witness the tidal and wave energy projects currently being explored in the Pentland Firth, and also enjoy a region which now produces more sustainable power  than it can use.  Even the ferries to and from the islands will soon be powered by hydrogen instead of the more traditional fuels, using seawater electrolysed using the surplus wind and wave power generated throughout these islands.  Orkney may be closer to the Arctic Circle than to London, but don’t be too surprised by these technological advances coming from so far north.  Recent excavations at the Ness of Brodgar proved that a complex civilisation existed here long before Stonehenge was built!

And while you’re there, don’t miss out on the three fabulous gin makers of Orkney:- The Orkney Gin Company from Burray, Seaglass Gin from Deerness Distillery, and Kirkjuvagr Gin From the Orkney Distillery